BALTICO is a fabric company. It  works mainly with the process of flax in all its forms: washed, treated and waxed. The latest type I would like to present is the linen waterproof + HP  – a film that can be applied on any thickness or color of the linen –  which allows the fabric to remain rigid, protected from water, oil etc… It can be used  as an architectural element or as an element of furniture or as clothing and accessories.

BALTICO ist ein Einzelunternehmen, welches sich mit den verschiedenen Verarbeitungsmethoden des Leinen beschäftigt; weich, gewaschen, gewachst, behandelt… Die letzte Neuigkeit auf dem Markt ist die Beschichtung W.+R., hergestellt durch einen Film der auf jede beliebige Stärke und Farbe aufgetragen werden kann: der Leinenstoff bleibt steif, geschützt vor Wasser und Öl etc… Der so behandelte Stoff kann in der Innenarchitektur, für Einrichtungsgegenstände, Bekleidung und für Accessoires Verwendung finden.


High tech natural material
There is no better designer than nature – seasons are dictating trends and mood. To involve nature in the production was our ambition for a long time and there was no better material than amber, which represents our Baltic traditions in the unique way. Therefore these natural amber yarns, as a result of fusion of science and high tech, mixed with linen flax is the biggest proud of Baltic countries that can be worn.
Fabrics with amber yarns are characterized as extra soft and flexible therefore is a perfect choice for clothing or home textile. Can be made in many possible color or weight variations to fill in every collection with special authentic Baltic aura.


Benefits choosing AMBER TEX fabrics for your collection:
Fabrics with amber fiber are unique – no one has ever synthesized amber before;

  • Can be used for many possible items – bedding, curtains, garments, etc.;
  • In contact with human body it has antioxidant effect, that prevents the development of various skin diseases and
    contributes to wound and burn heal;
  • Together with linen, amber creates a relaxing and calming effect, a decrease of insomnia syndrome;
  • Can be offered in full palette of fashionable colors, patters and textures designed to coordinate easily with your décor
    or collection;
  • Clinically proven – fabrics with incorporated amber fiber has 20% better protection against UV;
  • These fabrics are suitable for Oeko-tex Standard 100, having no negative ecological, environmental or dermatological







Vegetable resin linen was appreciated at the HOMI MILANO 2019 fair. Baltico 1.24 is happy to work with some of the most important international producers and retailers.

HOMI Milano is a fair where different ideas, projects, styles and cultures are proposed; tells about design and creativity for the home and the person.
It is a quality incubator where important cues are discovered to affirm new styles, without forgetting the origins and traditions.


baltico 1.24 was invited to Heimtextil 2018 in Frankfurt, participating as an exhibitor with its exclusive waterproof (vegetable resin) ECO product.
Svetlana Baranovska, the owner of the Baltic 1.24, has a patent on this unique fabric.
Heimtextil is the world’s most important textile fair: 11 halls, 2,900 exhibitors from 67 countries, 70,000 visitors from 137 countries.
The idea of waterproof linen was born in a cellar in Latvia. Many years ago in Latvia there were no refrigerators and in order to keep the products healthy linen containers were used (robust, hand-treated with vegetable resin). In the cellars in the countryside you could see fruit, vegetables and cereals in large treated linen sacks (even 20 kg!). With this resin film the linen remained rigid, while still maintaining its precious qualities. The idea of waterproof linen (with vegetable resin) was launched by his 86-year-old friend Laima.