Linen clothes, natural and elegant, are the ideal choice for the summer season: they let the skin breathe, giving the body to maintain its temperature at an adequate level. Linen maintains an excellent ability to work even in the coldest seasons, in combination with suitable garments that mainly hold the heat.


Our linen accessories, such as bags, scarves and hats add a touch of elegance to everyday city life. The fabric of the bags and baskets is “vegetable resin” waterproof linen, with leather handles that make them roomy and comfortable shopping bags.


For the home we offer woven linen fabrics woven from skilled Latvian artisans. The use of raw linen makes our tablecloths soft and pleasant, giving the home a natural and elegant touch.


Amber is fossilized pine resin over the centuries. Entire pine forests have gradually accumulated along the Baltic coast of Latvia, where an infinite variety of fragments are still being polished. Here you can find them in the form of jewelery and accessories.


This pottery is created with black ceramic, following the ancient Latvian technique that is now being used again in everyday life, as is currently happening for all the other ancient Latvian techniques.


Baltico products, natural and ecologically balanced, infuse in the most modern apartments a style in harmony with nature; in the more classic environments, instead, they give innovative design features.

Whether you live in Perugia or are traveling here, a visit to Baltico is an opportunity to discover products created by Latvian designers, made with original materials from Latvia.



Welcome to BALTICO: home of linen, amber and ceramics; a place where you can feel the atmosphere of Latvia.

I come from this country, famous for centuries for the tradition of linen. My childhood memories are infused with its delicate aroma.
With linen I developed almost a sacred relationship, listening to the popular songs sung by my mother and my grandmother dedicated to this fabric. My dream is to create clothes, accessories and beautiful timeless linen with linen that can be passed down from one generation to another. I would like to make linen a luxury accessible to all those who appreciate it. All my fabrics come from Latvia, a charming Baltic country, famous for the qualities of its organic linen. There is no better feeling than sleeping between linen sheets… once tried it never leaves you again!

Linen fabrics create a perfect microclimate for the skin: they absorb moisture and sweat perfectly, keeping the skin hydrated, nourished and always healthy. It is an anti-bacterial fiber, has high soothing properties, is excellent for those suffering from asthma and allergies; it has thermo-regulating properties: during the hot summer days the linen absorbs the excess heat giving a pleasant sensation of freshness; during the cold days of winter it keeps the body warm, avoiding unpleasant temperature changes.

Linen is the oldest and healthiest fabric in the world: it is the best choice for the whole family.
I would like to spread the tradition of Baltic linen with the “Italian” colors, those I see walking through the cities, admiring the paintings of Italian painters, the nature and the countryside of Umbria.

Pure, simple, refined and elegant, vintage, inspirational design… that’s all I love about linen.